What Rules And Regulations Inside The Laboratory Room During Experiment?


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There are a good twenty or so rules and regulations that you should consider when operating inside a laboratory and performing an experiment. The following list attempts to make you aware of the most significant ones to abide by.

  • Never run around or play in a laboratory.
  • Never remove anything from the laboratory without express permission or requirement.
  • Never use your bare hands to transfer chemicals. Use a spatula instead.
  • Never leave experiments unattended.
  • Never smell gases directly.
  • Never look directly down the test tube or point the mouth of a test tube towards anyone when heating.
  • Never taste anything unless the experiment is intended that way.
  • No eating or drinking in the laboratory. It can be contaminated, or contaminate experiments.
  • Never put solids in the sink.
  • Always follow instructions. They're there for a reason.
  • Wear safety glasses whenever necessary. Reactions can spit, and the eyes are very susceptible.
  • Always read the label on a reagent bottle carefully, to make sure it contains the chemical you want.
  • Always handle flammable liquids with great care and keep them away from naked flames.
  • Always handle concentrated acids and alkalis with great care and, if necessary, wear protective gloves.
  • Report all accidents and breakages. If any chemicals get onto your skin or clothing, wash the affected area with a plenty of water and then report it.
  • Reduce the flame on a Bunsen burner post-use, or just turn it off.
  • Always tie up your tie or long hair. Do not let it dangle into experiments or flames.
  • Always wash hands after experiments; thoroughly and with soap.

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