What Are The Rules And Regulation Inside The Laboratory Room During Experimentation?


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Laboratory is a study house where experiments are conducted to gain practical knowledge of the subject. The practical conducted in the laboratory helps in increasing knowledge of the students and at the same time creates an interest in the subject. However, there are certain rules and regulations to be followed inside the laboratory room during experimentation.

They are as follows:

1. Students must wear proper dress. The dress should not be too thin as there might be a chance of catching fire during experimentation.
2. The students must keep their bags outside the laboratory room to avoid mess inside the laboratory.
3. Eatables should not be brought inside the laboratory room.
4. Students must be silent in the room and must speak in soft tones regarding the subject matter at the time of conducting the experiment.
5. There should be one teacher for every 10 students conducting experiment to supervise them. The teacher should be an expert in handling any untoward accident that could occur in the laboratory.
6. Students must not cheat in the laboratory. Other's work should not be copied. Students must do their own experiments.
7. Conclusions and inference got after the experiment must be noted in a journal. The students must get their work checked, approved and stamped by the laboratory supervisor.
8. If students have to conduct experiment which will require high voltage, it's advisable that they do not wear any jewelry or metals to avoid short circuit.
9. The permission of the laboratory supervisor must be asked before taking any laboratory apparatus.
10. The students must switch off their mobile phones in the laboratory room.

If proper rules and regulations are followed inside the laboratory room it will result in successful completion of the experiments. There won't be any accidents and students will be able to understand the subject in a better way.

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