What Is The Difference Between Health Legislations And Regulations And Safety Legislations And Regulations?


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Health legislations and regulations are those legislations and regulations that protect the workforce of an organisation from getting injured or meeting with an accident on the premises of the company. It lays down guidelines regarding cleanliness and other aspects which will ensure that the workforce is healthy and hence motivated to render their services to the company in a more efficient manner.

Health is a broad term that deals not only with the physical aspects of health, but also the mental, psychological and emotional aspects of health. Hence having a high morale is equally crucial for the workforce of any organisation. Health regulations also seek to compensate the victims of an accident or injury that occurred at the place of work.

Safety legislations and regulations are those that also include security measures. Safety legislations and regulations not only prescribe that all workers must wear protective gear such as masks, gloves, hats, overalls, etc. while working on the machines, but also list down guidelines for maintaining a maintaining a safe and secure environment for all the workers with conducive working conditions and additional security measures or devices.

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