What Is The Difference Between An 'External Customer' And 'Internal Customer'?


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I had answered that question earlier but had misunderstood one minor point.    An 'external customer' is a customer outside of your company that purchases a product from you.    An 'internal customer' is a customer within your company that purchases a product from you.
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Some more points pleases..
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Where I work, we refer to anyone who uses our group's work product as an "internal customer." No money or credits need to change hands or be recorded on the books. In other words, there isn't necessarily any "purchase" involved.
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An internal customer is someone that works for your industry. E.g hospitality-chief, waitress, staff.
An external customer is one that comes into your industry and purchases goods for themselves. E.g a man and women go to a restaurant for dinner, they are external customers. The chef that cooks their meal and the waitress that serves it to them are internal customers.
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An external customer pays real money for your product, a fact that shows up on the bottom line. An internal customer may use your work output, but whatever they "pay" does not appear on the company's bottom line.
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This is true. As an internal customer, the company cannot show it as a profit or gain and the company only accounts for it's use. Very good point.
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An external customer is someone who uses your company's products or services but is not part of your organization. An internal customer is any member of your organization who relies on assistance from another to fulfill her job duties, such as a sales representative who needs assistance from a customer service representative to place an order.
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If you were a store owner external would mean someone a customer inquiring or purchasing thru phone or online. Whereas internal would be a customer that is in your store.
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An internal customer is somebody who shops instore
an external customer is somebody who shops online or over the phone

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