Can You List Four Benefits Of Using A Relational Database Management System To Manage Business Information?


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(this is in number language rangeing alphabeticlly)
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Relational databases help minimize errors as the data is checked when it is being entered into the database which identifies the errors before they enter the system so any missing sales or customer data can be recognized immediately and corrected so that it not reflected in the company’s results. . Also all the data is stored in a central location and when the information is updated in one file, it is automatically updated in the other files as well. You do not need to store employee data files for each department; it can be maintained in just one central location that all departments can access.  It allows data from different sources and purposes to be brought together which can help to identify a pattern or the relation of one variable to the other one. For example you can find the relationship of sales with the warranties you had to fulfill during the year. If you are looking for something then you can punch in queries that can be used to specify the criteria for what you are looking for instead of going through all the data for example you can identify your most profitable clients by specifying how much they have purchased during the year. Most importantly it is user friendly and there is no need for extensive technical training for the employees to become proficient in its use and saves considerable time.

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