What Are The Components Of Marketing Information System. How Are They Useful To Managers?


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In order to be able to fully understand the correct role of the marketing information system it is important to examine the components and what it allows managers to do. In order to be able to appreciate how useful these information systems actually are you will need to be able to understand the way in which decisions are actually made and what problems can be supported by the information systems. It is only when they are fully understood that people will be able to fully appreciate how useful these systems actually are. 
There are a number of components that are used within the information systems that are able to support managers. These systems cannot actually be used to full capacity until people are able to understand what managers have to do and how they tend to go about doing it. There are really five main jobs that managers have to do and these systems can help with all aspects. The five main jobs that managers have to do are to plan, organise, co-ordinate, make decisions and also control what is happening. These jobs are really what a manager has to focus on as the main aspects of his or her job. 
The marketing information systems are intended to bring together all of the information in order to compile it as a coherent body of information. This information system will contain more than just the raw data and this information can be used for a number of different roles that management have to fulfil on a regular basis. The marketing information system will also feature methods that can be used for interpreting the information that is provided by the system. It is true to say that a marketing system is a lot more than just a collection of raw information. The main components that make up the system are internal report systems, marketing intelligence system, market research system and marketing models. All of these components are designed to work together in order to allow operational decisions, control decisions and also strategic decisions.
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Figure 9.1 The marketing information systems and its subsystems

The explanation of this model of an MIS begins with a description of each of its four main constituent parts: The internal reporting

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