Can't Find My Car Insurance Documents , Can't Remember Whom I'm Insured With. How Can I Find Out?


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You can try to find out who your car is insured to by tracing back your steps. There are a few  ways of trying to do so. The first method would require you to have some sort of memory of how you paid for your car insurance in the first place. If it was by cheque, and assuming you normally fill in your cheque stubs, the name of the car insurer should be there and then you could find their  helpline number via a telephone directory or their website and call them up explaining your situation. If you are paying them monthly then you will most likely be paying them via a debit or credit card, so it would be wise to check your card statements to see who the payments are going out to, and if it is there then you can do the same as above and call them up. If neither of these ways work, just try asking a member of your family to see if they have removed it from it's original place and double check inside your car and house.

In the United Kingdom the police uses data from the MID to check if your car is insured or not. If your details have not been entered into the database then it means your car is uninsured. However as your car is insured your information of who you're is insured with should be on the database as it is the car insurers who put the details up on the database. You can now check your insurance details by logging onto Askmid on To use Askmid, just enter your vehicle's registration number proceed to the next page. On the next page it should tell you whether your car has been registered or not.
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I think you should be contacing your car Insurance company.

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Now I am about to buy a new car and I decided to do a decent research about insurance plans and stuff. Luckily, a lot of info can be found on websites like . Anyway, what I wanted to say is that it's extremely important to keep such documents because their loss may lead to a number of problems and I myself will definitely take care of it.

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Go through your checkbook and see who you paid.  If it wasn't in the last six months, you may be uninsured!
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My car reg is c18dcr can I find out who my car insurance company is from my reg
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This is my car reg number w86jsx can samone tall me this is insured or not plz thanks

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