Why Do We Need Car Insurance?


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Car insurance is another way of lazy people making huge sums of money backed up by the law if you damage someones car you should pay for it if you can't you should go to prison same goes if you injure / kill someone I know what your thinking ..... Are you for real lol   but paying huge sums of money throughout your lifetime ( no matter how safe you drive " no claims 3rd party blah blah blah = con ) to some lazy parasites sounds crazy to me
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My car is un driveable. The insurance is due for renewal, but I no longer wish to keep the car. Do I need to have insurance if I wont be driving the car?
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car insurance is mandatory in India. Its not only to covers you also it covers your vehicle damage. It secure you and your vehicle both so its very important in india. messymob

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car insurance is very important in india. Its because it covers you and your expenses when your vehicle damage or injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. messy

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Buying objects for the vehicle about the internet is quite simple as well as now there are actually numerous stores which market everything you are searching for. Nevertheless, as a way to grab your self a fantastic bargain Car Covers, you will have to complete a little bit of exploration. Establish several hours and devote time for you and energy to figuring out in which most of of the best prices are all around the internet.

Buying some thing similar to car addresses or even vehicle polish does not require an excessive amount of awareness and that means that you will be in a position to obtain what you are on the lookout for really fast. But, it is rather crucial you are conscious of different activities on the market therefore you may get an educated decision the moment it involves truly purchasing services and products.

The majority of time, you will see that automobile or truck things are categorised by the kind of auto or truck or perhaps even the usage of automobile that you might have. Handles for autos would be precisely exactly the very exact same. Make certain you're searching for that proper manner of pay as the values will be different - as an instance, a cover to get a 4x4 will probably soon be totally dissimilar to you to get a little hatchback.

Make certain you are mindful of all that you want to learn about prior to making a buy. It truly is vital you simply take time as hurrying to some thing may signify you simply miss car seat covers on a fantastic thing. That you never wish to overlook the very fantastic prices that you would like to get them and assess them.

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I have just read your discussions and I couldn't imagine that people are so unaware of this theme. I think you all need to read the article about why car insurance is needed. You'd better know the truth now than after the case when you suffer a loss that could have been compensated

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Car insurance is the main thing, I recently had an accident with my 911 Porsche and used as they are responsible for quality and ease of use

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If you had a 911 you wouldn't need the cr** job you do now, wasting our time with your brass-bound idiocy.
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Reading LV's Car Insurance Page, the main additional benefits - aside from the obvious legal ones - are a replacement car, legal expenses cover and personal accident benefit. Churchill's car insurance page on the other hands cites 24 hour breakdown cover and repairs for five years for choosing them. Obviously this is something that depends on the car insurance company you choose.
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Since 1930 it has been a legal requirement in the UK for all vehicle users to be covered by insurance. This applies to all drivers regardless of whether or not they are the owner of the vehicle.

This legal position has resulted in the car insurance industry growing into a sophisticated multi-billion pound industry in the UK.

The legal compulsion to buy motor insurance is, in the first instance, about fulfilling two needs: protecting you legally in the event of damage or loss claims resulting from your use of the vehicle, and protecting the investment made in purchasing the vehicle. Effectively, a car insurance policy protects the policy holder and named drivers from potentially massive legal expenses and accident repair bills. It is an, albeit expensive, necessity and peace of mind not only for those covered by the policy, but for any members of the public unfortunate enough to be an unwitting victim of an accident and suffering loss or injury to person or property.

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