What Have Been Your Notable Achievements In Work Or Otherwise, And How Will This Relate To Working For Next?


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When applying for a job in places such as Next, it is important to have a strong curriculum vitae as it will be the only thing that gives the employer an impression of you and it is from that, the employer will decide whether to give you an interview or not. Your curriculum vitae should be short and concise and it should not exceed over two A4 pages and it should be laid out neatly making it easier to read, but it also shows whether you are a well organised person or not. As your curriculum vitae is basically about work history, achievements, skills and experience it is important not to put anything negative about yourself in the curriculum vitae, but to make everything positive, however it is important not to lie about yourself because if you get an interview, your employer will most definitely ask you questions on aspect of yourself that you have written about.

What to include in a curriculum vitae? The basics include, your name, address, contact number, email address or any other contact information and your work history. Your recent work history should be listed in date order, but with the most recent first and any work, like holiday jobs, part time jobs and work experience should be included, as it will show what experience you will have to bring to the company employing you. It doesn't matter what order all the information goes in, it just has to be clear. Your curriculum vitae should also include the following:

A personal profile, which is a paragraph about yourself describing what type of person you are. It should explain how you approach your work, for example you can write about that you are sociable and that you are comfortable working with others, and your personal profile should also include what you want to develop by working, such as life skills like social skills.

Your education and qualifications, such as which university you went to and what degree you have gained. If you didn't go or have not been to university yet, it would be good to include the name of the school(s) that you went to, to obtain your GCSEs and/or A-Levels and you should list out your obtained/predicted grades.
Hobbies and achievements, such as sports, music, extra curriculum activities such as Duke of Edinburgh. When writing about your achievements, try to explain about what you have learnt that will prove useful in the future. For example if you play rugby or any team sports, you could mention that you have improve your teamwork and communication skills.

References, which should just include details of your previous employers, so that your new employer can get more information about you, so try not to include an information about employers that have disliked you, as they could ruin your chances of getting the job. If you haven't have been employees and it is your first time, include details of your school and teachers, especially the ones that likes and knows you well, like your tutor.
Finally, you should re-read your curriculum vitae to check for mistakes or let a friend or relative check for you, as you want to make your employer think that you take time into your work and that you just rush through your work carelessly.
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This looks like a question that you could be asked on an application form. The best way to answer it is to think about projects in which you played a leading role, or situations in which your actions clearly made a positive difference. For example, if you have ever led a team, or designed anything new for your workplace, or reorganised something, these would all be notable achievements.
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Working hard
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I belive I am loyal and hard working person always have passante in working for next

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