What Is The Advantages Of Playing Chess?


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Katie Harry answered
Gone are the times when chess was considered to be played by boring people or geeks as it is now known to be an imaginative and strategic game. People find playing chess relaxing and it also helps them to think analytically. It improves the focus and concentration in one’s mind.
Chess teaches a person who they can plan carefully; they analyze different situations and think a thousand times before taking a step as not always the first decision is the right one. As chess requires one to remember various position and strategies this helps in improved memory. Chess players are found to have great concentration levels as they forget about the world when a game gets started.
As different strategies and moves are found to be observed during a game of chess, people playing it are known to be more aware and are better in analysis.
A chess game requires a great level of patience and this makes a person become more interactive around the environment.
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Mark Mottian answered
Chess is a game that can teach us about making decisions for the future. It can also improve your Math by 2% because chess requires identifying patterns, calculating moves etc.
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Ellie Hoe answered
I would say chess is a superb game for businessmen even I have learned a lot from this game. It opens the mind and enhances problem solving and abstract reasoning skills. Chess helps us to remain focus and helps us to learn form past experiences. It also trains us to work under pressure in order to get maximum output. Chess also teaches us to take risk and try to be first mover in order to get first mover advantage.

So in short it is a game which is mostly played in the corporate world in which the main players want to checkmate the small players to capture market share.
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Geoff Hughes answered

Chess as a game develops numerous qualities- I was playing professionally for a couple of years and it really helped me to improve my analytical skills, logical thinking, to be patient, to have a good discipline and all these are great qualities that help me on a daily basis in my life.

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