Do You Think That Female And Male Roles In Purchasing Decisions Have Changed Over The Years? Justify With Examples


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Yes I totally agree with you! The roles of men and women have changed over the period of time in making purchase decisions. Just take the example of cars, homes and other luxury products in which always male customers make the purchasing decision. However the trend has changed over the period of time and now women also take part with their spouse to buy such luxury products.

Fair&Lovely is a very famous cream which is used all over the world especially in India. This cream is also imported in US from India. According to a research conducted by the company they found that even the male users of cream are also increasing. On the basis of this factor Fair&Lovely for men was introduced.

This shows that as the behavioral changes have been there in both male and female, therefore, their roles for purchasing decisions are also changed. Female are more likely to make decisions about the luxury product, which was not the case previously.

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