Why Are Brand Names An Important Marketing Tool For International Business?


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A brand name is a specific notation, or word for a product or service. It is a trademark that identifies a brand. It comes under the proprietary rights of a company. In fact if a company is expanding internationally then  it becomes necessary for the company to adopt such a brand name and logo which can prove an excellent identity for the company. After the invention of advertising, in 1930 the concept of brand name emerged. Have you ever noticed that people who are brand conscious always love to use branded products which have a brand name on it.

Importance of a brand name in advertisement is also clear if you think for a while that whenever the name of fast food comes you think about McDonald, and Subways. After making a strong brand positioning, brand name of the company becomes its identification and a tool of marketing and promotion.

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Because there are those whom only buy brand named supplies and products.  They think they are better made and better products.  Also, people who do buy brand named I think it is a way of them wanting others to think they are higher class people.  For it to be a marketing tool it all has to do with the money thing.  Brand names cost more there for the manufacturers of the products make more money than the generic brands.  That is just the way I think of it. 

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