I Am Applying For A Bank Job, How Should I Write My Objective?


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You should consider whether or not you even need an objective section. Your main objective seems to be to find a job, so you risk coming off as disingenuous. This could harm your application far more than leaving off the objective section.
Most people have a fairly standard idea of what a resume should look like, but truly there is no one size fits all model. Any section can be added or eliminated to fit the particular circumstances of you and your prospective job.
If you do choose to include an objective section, however, I would focus on those attributes of the job that play to your individual strengths and those that you think will be helpful to you in your future careers. Most employers like to hire individuals who are eager to learn, so talking about how this job will help you in the long-term rarely hurts.
Good luck!
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Now days employers do not like to see objectives. They know you want a job at the bank, so I have been informed by several people to leave the objective out of the resume.

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