What Is Vertical Organisation?


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Vertical structure: The most simple and most basic form of organization. It is characterized by units of the enterprise at all levels of the vertical leadership system from top to bottom, pyramid knot

Structure. Vertical organizational structure of the subordinate departments only to accept a superior's instructions, at all levels of the competent person in charge is responsible for all the problems in their units. Its advantages are: Relatively simple structure, accountability, a unified command.

Vertical organizational structure is the oldest form of organizational structure. The so-called "vertical" refers to this organizational structure, terms of starting directly from the top down "flow of

Action "(transfer, decomposition), after a number of management layers to reach the lowest level of the organization. Its characteristics are:

(1) The organization of each one of its direct subordinate executives have direct authority.

(2) everyone in the organization only to his immediate superior responsible for or reporting.

(3) a competent person within its jurisdiction, has absolute authority or complete authority. Namely, the competent departments under the jurisdiction of officers of all operational activities of the exercise of decision-making power, command and supervisory power.

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