What Is The Scope Of Marketing Jobs?


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Bhawna Tripathi Profile
Bhawna Tripathi answered

Marketing is a highly diverse field and has numerous numbers
of openings among various industries. It needs dynamic mindsets that are ready
to change with the trend and adapt to new technologies and innovations in the
field. Marketing jobs basically depend on your skill of convincing abilities
and the future scope and growth is very high in this field.

There are various portals available where you can search for
a new opening and can easily apply. It has many options to make your career.

Sana Rashid Profile
Sana Rashid answered
Marketing field is very attractive for the students and people. A company requires an employee who have the capability of doing multi-tasking, who has strong command on the verbal communication and have marketing skills.

Accounts department
Finance Department
Marketing Department

People can get job in these department and each department has 4 to 5 more categories. Every post has its own responsibilities.

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