Want To Do Some Volunteer Accounting Work During Weekdays To Gain Experience As I Got No Experience. From Where Should I Start?


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Sibyl Zoe answered
Even the smallest organizations or businesses have some accounting system running on their setup. So it would be very easy for you to gain some volunteer experience. You can start small. Contact your local super store or Small business firm and submit your resume. Ask them that you really need to gain some experience. They might be reluctant to keep you at first. For that it is important that you do your home work. Get some books and learn as much as you can about basic accounting.
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Chinmayee Ataly answered

Accounting field has many scopes in terms of jobs and many
specializations are available. There work mostly focuses on taxes, bookkeeping,
and financial analysis. If you want to do some volunteer accounting work for
gaining the experience then you should know all the accounting skills.
You can also gain experience in tax preparation by catering in a Volunteer
Income Tax Assistance.  You should start for the entry-level job such as
clerk, tax clerk, bookkeeping assistant, and many others to gain experience in
this field. This will help you in pursuing your opportunity to enhance your
skills. You can also submit resume on the job portal of Monster
Singapore where you can find various jobs regarding your profile.

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