I did some paid online advertising for a TV and also reviewed some companies products (as they sent them out to me free of charge to review), can that go on a resume? I'm 15 with no other work experience.


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Yes as when you really have no real world work experience or advanced schooling, one must use any extra circular activities in school like this and after school activities like Boy Scouts, any mentoring that shows your iniative to try and learn new things. Just don't go into great details unless asked in an interview. Also any school awards or special classes and grades can be included too. What most prospective employers look for more here than your accomplishments is where are you planning on going for your future so have a sure fire plan but this isn't a guarantee that you will stick to it forever as a teenagers life changes every minute. Hope this helps and good luck

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