What Is The Difference Between Pure-play Internet And Clicks-and-mortar Business Models?


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In order to illustrate the 2 different business models, Let us explore the traditional Bricks-and-mortar business.

Bricks-and-mortar business model is the conventional commercial transactions, where a product will be manufactured from the manufacturer. However, it may need to go through inventory keeping in distributor level. After that, the distributor will distribute the product to the next or next two level of retailers before the product reached the end customers.

Pure-Play business model is the internet business purely transacted in electronic commerce (e-commerce) environment, where this business model do not have any conventional brick-and mortal business components, where it does not require distributors, retailers before the products or services reached end customers.

Clicks-and-Mortar business model is the existing retail firm, where their major transactions relied on conventional commercial transactions (brick-and-mortar model). These companies have developed web sites as extensions of their conventional commercial transactions method., to cater for new and younger consumers who preferred the e-commerce transactions. The companies such as Office Depot.

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