How Can I Appeal An Overpayment From Unemployment Benefit From Ohio. I Need A Sample Letter?


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The Employment Development Department (EDD) handles claims. It often overpays in one of the following cases:
  • A claimant innocently uses the term 'laid off' incorrectly
  • A claimant is granted benefits but then later loses an appeal
  • A claimant cashes an Unemployment Benefit check despite it being accidental mail
  • An employer reports earnings/employment information different to that of the claimant
  • A claimant falsifies the Continued Claim Form
There is no presumption of guilt or innocence here. Guilt will be easily traced and sternly prosecuted. Likewise, innocence will be relatively quickly resolved and benefits will continue.

To appeal, you must send a request letter to the EDD within 20 days of the mailing date of the letter sent to alert you of the overpayment. The mailing date will be on the top right hand corner of the letter itself. The address to appeal to will also be given, and upon mailing this address you must include your current contact details (name, address, phone number) as well as your social security number and a statement saying you disagree with the EDD's judgment.

You do not need to explain why. This happens at an Appeal Hearing.  Your appeal will be sent to the Ohio Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (OUIAB) and they will schedule you for a hearing within a few weeks. To win your appeal you must show that:
  • The overpayment was not due to fraud, misrepresentation or willful omission
  • The overpayment was received without any fault on your part
  • It would be unfair for the EDD to force you to repay it.

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