What Kind Of Questions Will Be Asked In An Air Hostess Interview?


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In an air hostess interview, you will be asked a series of questions about your background, experience and why you have applied for the role. The person that is interviewing you will want to see that you are enthusiastic, have the correct skills and have the experience to take on the job as an air hostess.

Here are a few things that you should brush up on talking about before the interview:

  • The airline.
You will be interviewing for a job with a particular airline so you should know about them, what they stand for, where they fly to and any other information you can get about them. The best place to look is on the Internet and you should try to remember as much as you can about the airline. This will help you to explain why you wish to work for that particular airline and impress the person that is interviewing you with your knowledge.

  • Your experience.
Make sure that you feel at ease when talking about your education and work experience. Make sure that you can talk about everything you have done and what you have done that is over and above what is expected of you. Your experience in other air hostess roles or any skills that you have that can be transferred over into the role of air hostess will show that you are great for the job.

  • Your education.
You will need to talk about your education history and why this is relevant and also any history in exams that are required for the role of air hostess. These will include and hospitality qualifications, air hostess qualifications and your first aid certificates.

Once you are happy with talking through these three points, the answers for the interview should come naturally to you.
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Talk about your self
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There are number of questions like

- Can you handle offensive passengers. How would you deal with them.

- Have you done this job before?Which airline were you linked with

- Why do you want to join our airline?

- Why do you want to do the job of air-hostess?

- Have you taken communication or language courses?

- Do you have any idea about airplanes? Or what do you know about airplanes. How do they fly, (not particularly pilot expertise, but general information)

- How would you start an announcement?
- How would you greet foreign passengers

They will consider your personality, looks, figure, and behaviour. So focus on these issues. If you are beautiful, your chances are high.

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In an interview for flight attendants generally interviews are asked about different crises situation how they will act in such situations during plane and how they will control passengers. If you have any hospitality management experience then do not forget to mention that in particular.
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What Are The Requirements For PIA Airhostess Interview?
What Are The Requirements For PIA Airhostess Interview?
NO Need of Education ,look, height ,manners or common sense, you must be rude to every one specially to passengers on board you must swear at them to-belittle them ridicule them  when on board you must be, ugly small and fat must have experience of smuggling cigarettes and other contra banned goods in bulks but must have Strong Political influence following nepotism and family connections in PIA and strong Recommendations and pressure on Human resources staff and  some Directors and ministerial level approach in Pakistan-
You must keep the all those sweet and happy who has filled, forwarded, and  supported your application and who will recruit you,
You must join in groups from your family with all your sisters brothers sons daughters uncles aunties and then keep them happy who ever train and pass you in the training even if you are fail and unfit to work in the cabin.
You must keep different Sims cards for different peoples who ever is in contact with you from time to time for various reasons which may be very secret confidential and personal and you must maintain good timings with every visitor visiting your 5 star hotel room provided free by PIA –
you must make temporary friends and keep occasional contacts with outsiders which ever country or station you go to, to do your huge commercial shopping and keep every one sweet to keep his purse clean and neat-

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