What Are The Disadvantage Of Social Responsibility?


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Social responsibility is the ideology of either an individual or an organization to act in a manner that will benefit society, or particular members of it. As an ideology it cannot be faulted but there have been instances where the ones that have been advantaged as a result, have become dependent, lazy, or both leading to a classification of people that have been labelled, in Britain, as an underclass, or a society that has been dubbed the Welfare Society.

There is no doubt that social responsibility is a vital necessity for a lot of people who literally would not survive without it, or who would have their quality of life much reduced if it was to disappear, but there are others who have taken the tenets of social responsibility to mean that they have given over responsibility for their own welfare to the state, and expect to be given what others have to work for.

This state of affairs causes deep resentment and social unrest, with governments developing policies to address the situation. This is sometimes seen as an attack on the vulnerable and is vehemently opposed, while others applaud the efforts that are made to weed out the shiftless. The danger is, of course, that some of the innocents will get caught up in the witch hunts and will suffer a similar fate to the mental health patients who were ‘released’ into the community some years ago because of lack of funding, and left to fend for themselves with sometimes catastrophic results.
This was never the intention but it is inevitable that necessary support is sometimes left wanting and there are those that slip through the net, which, of course, has those who shouted for the abolition of a service, to be outraged.

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