How Do I Find Out Who Cashed A Money Order?


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If USPS Money Order:

Go to your post office with your money order receipt and they will run
a trace on it. Ask them what your next step should be- you do not need
to hire any one- the person that cashed the money order has broken a
federal law and will have to suffer the consequences of their actions.
All that you need to do is file a complaint with the proper authorities.

If Western Union: Contact Western union and they will assist you in recovering the stolen funds.

Good Luck!
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B.R.K KING answered
 if it's a postal  m.o  order they put a tracer out. It takes 6 to 8 weeks (I had to do It) every bank and place  that sell m.o's have a similar system.   
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Many of the places that sell money orders (post offices, Western union, some banks) have tracking services.  Your money order should have a number on it to help track it.  Not all money orders are trackable, but you should first go to the place the money order was purchased from, and ask them if they can track the number for you.  If it was a post office MO, you might try this site: Properties=type:natural
I hope you find out what happened.
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Anonymous answered can go back to the place where you purchase your money order and see what place or store receive it: Then ask for the time and date and request for the video for that same day and hours. Unless your girl cash it and had a date with somebody else! =)
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Some one has to sign the back of the money order to receive the cash just like a check. It should not be hard to trace.
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There really is no way no one keeps a list of who cashes them, unless for example it was cashed and deposited at a bank you might could find out that way I am not sure.
Other then that a way just doesn't exist

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