Is There A Free Way To Find Out If A Money Order Has Been Cashed?


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I have purchased 5 western union money orders and I now have to re-pay the money that I purchased again. Let me know if there is a way I can track these money orders?
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As soon as the money order is cashed the account of money order will be debited. There is no other way you could find out as early because there is a procedure which they have to follow to tell you about the status of your money order. If you have any acquaintance in the department then you might get the news soon.
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I am trying to find out if my money has been cashed is there a free and quick way to find this out
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How can you find out if a money Gram money order is good or not?
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Sent a moneygram to a friend who is in no. Central corr. Inst. In marion,ohio and want to know if he received it and if he did who cashed it
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Money order is like a check and check is like cash. The bank will give you 3 days to cash a money order just like a personal check especially if they have big amount.

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