A Sample Of Proposal Letter To Rent A Shop For Retail Supermarket?


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  • Sample proposal letter
A sample proposal outline letter for renting a retail shop could be:

Dear Mr A Bloggs,

(company name) would like to present this letter of intent to signify our interest in renting this shop in (road name or town).

(this paragraph would outline some information about your business or business proposal including what you intend to sell, what your brand image is etc.)

(this paragraph would inform the owner how you would use the space in the shop including any equipment and furniture you intend to install.)

We would hereby like to place an offer on your space of £55,000 PA. Also, due to the condition of the premises, we would like to request a rent free period of (however much you want in months) to be able to renovate the premises to a good standard.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could call me on (phone number) so that we can set up a formal meeting to discuss this matter further and hopefully come to an agreement that would suit the both of us.

Thank you very much,


Miss J Saunders
(job title)

  • Outline
This is an outline of a letter of intent which is what you would want to put both your views and proposal of his or her space across to them in order for them to come back with either a yes or a counter agreement.

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