I Have A Son In Jail, For Not Paying Child Support. He Has Been There Since Feb. 09, 09..goes To Court On May 4th, Still Has No Money An Can't Get Out Of Jail..what Will Happen To Him...?


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Truthfully, nobody can answer that question because it depends on several things. Does he have a good attorney? Does he have a good reason for not having paid his child support? Does he have any prospects for paying the child support? Is this the first time he has not paid or is this an on-going problem? Does he have prospects of a job if he were to get out of jail? Did he have a job when they put him in jail? Had the judge given him an opportunity to catch up the back payments up before he jailed him? Has he made any attempt to catch up the back payments at all since he has been jailed...any attempt at all would look good in his favor.

As a general rule here in Texas, a person is jailed for lack of child support payments only after the is several thousand dollars behind and he has made no attempt to send in even partial payments. The judges do no look kindly on that man here. If you can help with the back support, I would suggest that you do so. Otherwise, your son may well spend an even longer period of time away from you. Your grandchild may well be doing without needed items due to your son's lack of personal responsibility to the child. It is a hard place for you to be in.....

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