What Does The Organisational Structure For JD Sport Look Like?


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Apart from the CEO, the Chairman of the Board and a couple of Directors, it is not easy to discover what the operational structure of JD Sport looks like. You can click onto the names of these particular people on the  website that deals with different companies' organisational structures in an attempt to learn a little more, but you will find that you need to register with the site first. There is no charge to do this, and you can decide what you want to do when you have had a look at the site:

The official name for JD Sports is JD Sports Fashion plc and the company is based in Bury, Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. They have retail outlets throughout the UK and one in Ireland.

The company began with one shop in Bury in 1981, and was jointly owned by John Wardle and David Makin. Two years later in 1983, they opened another store in the Arndale Centre in Manchester. This was followed in 1989 with a store opening in Oxford Street, London.

In 1996, JD Sports was listed on the London Stock Exchange, and it is now a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

In 2002, the Company acquired another 200 stores from First Sport, which were part of the Blacks Leisure Group, and three years later they bought another 70 stores from the Administrators of Allsports.

Up until this time, Wardle and Makin had been active members of the board, but in the same year as the Allsport acquisition, they sold their shares in the Company for £44.6 million and resigned from the board completely.

The company is still going from strength to strength, never staying still and turning its interests to the sponsorship of several football clubs including Luton Town and Oldham Athletic.
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In organisation structure simply by means the systematic arrangement of people working for the organisation. The organisation is concerned with establishment of positions and relationship between positions. The organisation structure has two dimensions.

1. Horizontal  2. Vertical

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They have a board of directors who monitor what the plans of the CEO.  You then have a senior management team and each store manager then reports in.

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