What Must Recruitment Be Based On?


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Recruitment must be a fair process whereby anyone with relevant qualifications and experience can apply, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion or race, for a position of employment. The employer must seek to select the most ideal candidate or candidates for a role in that business.

  • Who is responsible for recruitment?
Management staff are responsible for recruitment. This could be just a sole owner, a specific recruiting officer, or a department head. They should advertise their need for staff locally or nationally, their expectations, and how to apply.

  • What should an employer look for?
An employer should look for a worker who is reliable and punctual. The worker must be enthusiastic but professional and composed. Creativity is a good thing, depending on the work, but the person must be capable of taking criticism and adhering to instructions from management.

They will expect a well written and grammatically correct resume. If they choose to interview them they will expect an attentive listener who responds well and intelligently.

  • How should a candidate aim to seek employment?
A candidate should submit a solid resume or CV as part of their application. This should state their experience, qualifications, skills, ambitions and a little about themselves to display a rounded personality.

If successful, a candidate should turn up to a job interview on time and dressed smartly. A shirt, tie, trousers and shoes are required, unless stated otherwise. More official or important roles will require a complete suit.

A prospective candidate should be friendly and pay attention during the interview. They must understand the role they are applying for and have done sufficient research not only to answer questions about their skills and why they want the job, but also to prove they can think and can ask their own questions at the end.
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Eliminating racism, sexism and all forms of discrimination.
We will not discriminate on grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnic origin, gender,
gender reassignment, culture, health status, marital status, social or economic status,
nationality or national origins, race, religious beliefs or non beliefs, responsibility for
dependents, sexuality, trade union membership or hours of work.
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Personally for me, it all comes down to how adaptive and creative you are especially for a job, that has many other candidates.

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