Is Instant Wealth A Scam?


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Oh! YES!!! All of those instant get instant wealth are nothing else but pure scams, the only way they "make money" is the money that YOU send to them. Let's see besides all those other scamers that I listed and very well connected to Eutro Trust AMG, are and requesting $35.:
The 300, Po Box 11469, Phoenix, AZ 85061, Upside Down Markets, P.O. Box 16690, Phoenix AZ. 85011, C.E. System, (AKA) Charles Edwards "The Lazy, Fat Guy" P. O. 78939, LA. CA. 90016 and the newest (at least to me) is Trinity Investment Research (AKA) Untapped Wealth
P. O. Box 243805, Boyton Beach, FL. 33424 in this case this guy takes your credit card, check or MM. And he includes his name Tim Fields, (small consolation since all of these scamers addresses are a PO. Box. Don't you see the similarities here? All of them are asking you to send to them $35.00 flat fee, 99% of them are located either in Phoenix or Los Angeles, all of them assure you that your hard earned cash is "refundable" OH! Really? ... NOPE! And all of them promise you that you will get access to all those secrets to become wealthy beyond belief in a matter of days and for the rest of your life. P L E A S E ! Don't fail into their web, is an unsescrupoulus tactic to get your money, do your homework, research, research and take educated desicions. Use this wonderful tool and this window to get all the information needed if after reading all these material available to you, still decide to send to them your $35. Or in the case of Trinity he is asking for 2 years subsciption $159. Or 1 year for only $99. Then you my friend have my blessings, Good Luck.
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I would say that depends on where you get it from.  The get quick schemes usually don't work otherwise they wouldn't be trying so hard to sell it to you.  I've tried a few and they never worked or asked for more money.
Keno, or tats lotto tickets are probably the best way to get rich quick but you don't have a very good chance of winning them.
I would say any internet site that claims they can make you rich is a scam, otherwise people would know about it and it would be everywhere by now.

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