What Is A Scam?


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A scam is something people put up to try to get something from you and you don't get the thing you wanted in return like you go to a website that sais well give you a car for 2,000$ you pay and they go off and don't give you anything that is a a scam.
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A scam is a term which is used to describe a confidence trick. There are many types of scams, and many different terms related to scams, such as con man, scam artist, swindler etc.

Scams usually involve victims being tricked into believing that a person, or a company is trustworthy. The person or company will do as much as they can to gain the victim's trust and make them confident.

Popular scams include internet scams, such as companies offering money making opportunities to individuals. These companies ask individuals to pay fees so that they can sign up to make money, such as taking surveys or writing reviews etc.

Another popular scam is a literary scam, which involves an author sending his or her manuscript to a literary agent who asks for an upfront fee to represent the author.
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A confidence trick
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The scammers offer you money and they want to steal it.

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