What Is Definition Of Public Organization?


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A Public Organization is a state-run organization. It is Government controlled and is paid for by public taxation. Usually a general tax will pay for state provisions, but in some cases an alternative tax will. For example, in the UK citizens pay a National Insurance contribution. This finances the National Health Service (NHS).

  • What do public organizations do?
Public organizations take care of matters that the public informs the government - via voting, protests, or debate - that they should be handling and assisting with. The public demand a service and the Government, as elected representatives and officials, have a duty to adhere to those wishes and orchestrate a fair but effective service to help those who need it.

Examples of public organizations would be the Police and Fire Services.

  • Who works for public organizations?
Anyone can work for a public organization, within reason. The same qualifications are required, and so is the same experience, that you would prove for applying to any other private sector job.

Generally there are often a few more provisions made - in order to set an example - to benefit the employment of people with a disability or from an ethnic minority; to promote integration.

  • Who pays for public organizations?
As the intro says, public organizations are paid for by taxation. Some countries, like the UK, have a large amount of public organizations, but more conservative countries tend to favor the idea that the state doesn't intervene.

  • Why are public organizations significant?
Public organizations are significant because they are very transparent. Their work is easily and often heavily scrutinized to ensure maximum productivity and high standards. Additionally, these organizations are usually non-profit, in order to provide a fair service to the taxpayers.
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Public organisation is controlled by the government and it is paid by the taxes. It provides a vital service for the country and it is non-profit Organisation.
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The public sector is the branch of government that is concerned with the services offered to the citizens. It includes government employment to the local citizens in any government arm that deals with service to the local members. It is considered a type of organisation because it has movements and it allows it members to be part of cooperate societies as well as savings and credit societies. It also gives members a right to take part in strikes and demonstrations.

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Bad example of a public organisation is the CRTC.  In 2012 they were supposed to control how loud tv shows and commercials were.  It is 2015 and we are still waiting.

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