What Is The Role Of A Public Relation Officer In Managing A Technical Fair?


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A public relation officer in managing a technical fair that.
Creating and placing newsworthy information in the news media to attract attention to a person, product, or service. He also is maintaining national building or local community. Maintaining relationships with shareholders and others in the financial to influence legislation and regulation. Public relation office with donor or members of nonprofit organizations to gain financial or volunteer support. Public relation officer is used to promote product, people place, ideas, activities, and organizations, even nations. Trade associations have used public relations to rebuild interest in declining commodities.

Public relation officer can have a strong impact on public awareness at a much lower cost than advertising. The company does not pay for the space or time in the media. Rather it pays for a staff to develop and circulate information and to manage events. If the company develops an interesting story, it could be picked up by several different media, having the same effect as it is.

Public relation officer have professional use of several tools. Major roles are Officer find or create favourable news about the company and its products or people. Sometime news stories occur naturally, and some times its products or peoples relation person can suggest events or activities that would create news.
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In order to understand the role of public relation officer in managing a technical fair, following are the definitions which will be helpful to understand his role.

Public Relation could be defined as, 'It is a deliberate, sustained and planned effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between organization and its pubic'.

P.R is a deliberate effort which is planned and should be sustained as well, it is not one time activity it is continuous effort because we have to make it sustained. The purpose is not only to establish but also maintain the mutual understanding between organization and its public. Establishing is easy but maintaining is not that easy, for maintaining the mutual understanding a skillful person is required. In public relations establishing is easy but to maintain is a very difficult job.

It could be defined like this as well,
'Public Relation persons are image merchant of the organization, who can cure the image trouble.'

According to this definition the whole responsibility is shifted to public relation experts and that's why they are called image merchant of their organization with the capacity and skill of curing the image trouble. In this public relation men should have very good behavior and manners; it will also affect the organization's image. It is totally depend on public relation men to give good name to organization's people who are serving, product they are selling, quality they are maintaining etc.

The definition is covering every aspect of public relations.
In short public relation men have full responsibility of an organization's image and relation ships. Not only to establish but also to maintain the relationships and positive image of their organization.

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