What Are The Different Types Of Organizational Structures? Which Type Of Structure Do You Feel Is The Most Effective? Why? How Can Organizations Determine If They Are Structured In The Most Effective And Efficient Manner?


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This seems very much like a homework question, and should therefore only ever be answered by you. Completing homework may not seem worthwhile to you, but it was long ago proven that it reinforces what a student learns in a classroom, allowing it to become part of their long term memory, therefore ensuring that they are well prepared for any exams or tests that they may have to sit.

Homework also highlights any underlying issues that a student may be having with their subject, showing to the teacher who may benefit from extra help and tuition, or even a common issue that the whole class is having with a certain topic, and that therefore needs readdressing.

It is because of these reasons that, if you are struggling with this set assignment, you should go and speak to your tutor for some further guidance in how to answer it to the best of your ability, rather than just getting someone else to answer it for you.

This being said however, here is a little information on organizational structures to help you along.

  • Different organizational structures

There are four common organizational structures in total: Flat, centralized and decentralized, tall and finally hierarchical. When deciding on which would be the best to use, an organization must first consider the span of control that each manager should have.

Span of control is a term often used to illustrate the number of workers that a manager or boss should be accountable for. The narrower someone's span of control is, the less people they have in the organization that are answerable to them.

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