What Is The Difference Between Joint Venture, Consortium, Partnership Firm, Proprietorship And Statutory Corporation?


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All of these terms relate to business, but in order to find the difference between joint venture, consortium, a partnership firm, and proprietorship you need to understand what each of them mean.

  • What is a joint venture?
A joint venture is the term used to describe two or more separate businesses that merge together to operate a certain part of a business. With this agreement it is important that the joint venture has equal control from both or all parties. In addition to that, every business must contribute the same amount of effort. Furthermore, it is a requirement that the joint venture is deemed as a separate entity despite being run by different businesses.

  • What is a consortium?
This form of business refers to the accumulation of a number of independent businesses that join together to reach a particular aim or goal. The goal can be anything; however it is likely to be something that is already related to the field of industry that the businesses work within.

  • What is a partnership firm?
A partnership firm is related to a form of business that includes a number of individuals that aim to run a particular venture on a profit basis. It is known to be the easiest approach to go for in terms of creating a business.

  • What is a proprietorship?
A proprietorship is the most different out of all the business terms you mentioned because, it is the only term that refers to a single person starting a business. In this case, a person will have to become self-employed in order to begin their own proprietorship.

  • What's the difference?
As you can see each one of these terms refer to business strategies, however, they all differ in terms of the people involved and how they are run.
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There is a significant difference in the functioning and working of these all level of firms. In joint venture two  or more stock listed companies combine business with each other to beat market competition, in partnership firm 2 or more person can be partners of any organization for the sake of getting profit and loss shared between them, in proprietorship the only owner handles all function and statutory corporation is business operation with the public capital and listed in stock.

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