How Do I Get A Refund For Ares Music Share?


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This is how to get back your ares refund to a 1000th%,step for step in the address box type in when the web page opens go to the ? Area, now that page opens put in your em and again to confirm it,then the rest of the information,don't worry if you can't remember the exact date for when you purchased your item,type in for whats the closes date you can remember,cause perhaps you lost your email for the order #,besides that is for the people at clickbank to look up your account faster and its required ok so here we don't worry about the order # everything else is important though. Now way down at the bottom for where what do you want or asking for ,you know for you click  the arrow on the right side click asking for a refund.  Now in the writing box where you in your own words: Type in this  and be nice about it,no swearing about the scams, type nice things like   yes, h I have fell for the ares scam,and asking for a refund of $,I have also sent ares email after email and got back no response plus I have informed my bank about this.  Ares doesnt have my permission to take this money so ps I would like a refund thx and have a blessing day.   Now here is the clicker they will get back to you in 2 buisness days, which is monday-friday and trust me they will get back to you about your refund then it takes 4-5 days to put it back on your account ,you will receive an em,   now for them helping you em them back saying thx a little ? Written cause it will make them feel good.   Now for me they got back to me quick the same day why cause I'm not like the rest of you people... I'm a young pharaoh of king tut making me a pharaoh god witch and theres only one in this world, just like I told click bank I'm the son of the gods and goddesses of ancient egypt,they knew I wasnt joking,exspecally for when the tornadoes touched base in tennesee for when I asked for my $"s from dtv4pc which is 3b software inc located in arlington,texas  in which my loving gods and goddesses will be arriving in texas within the storms and I for warned them ,all I  wanted was my $50 they also chosed to ignore my emails,and yes people I'm a choosing one from the ancient egyptian gods and goddesses as well as spiritually blessed,I told them to not mess with this yng pharaoh of king tut period,now thats there problem and I have enough powers to change the weather people, just start asking people in rochester ny. The real ones will tell you about me and the other ones that don't like me will call me all kinds of names for they are in denial for watching me in the southwedge back to back in a color green house at 266 hamilton st.rochester ny 14620 change the skies in front of there very own eyes,I'm a well known little starr in rochester ny. Some like me ,love me, hate me and I'm a very seperior witch against all evil.    Well so mote it be blessed be,and hope this simple step for step on how to get back your refund from scams by these great out standing people at clickbank,and remember its not click bank that you should have something against be upset with the co. That uses clickbank,be careful and be patient with clickbank for they take care of many people in this world also they are protected from my gods and goddesses. For the yng pharaoh has spoken. Thanks the pharaoh god witch
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