What Does The HR Department Do In A Business?


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The HR or the Human resource department is concerned with all the issues of the Human resource. Which includes:
- Hiring
- Firing
- Job descriptions
- Orientation of employees
- Pay packages
- Record keeping
- Details of Fringe benefits
- Policy making
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The HR or personnel manager role is concerned with eh optimization of the organisation by managing the "fit" between the employee, the job, the organisation and the environment. The HR function is
a) concerned which allows people to "work with people"
b) Labour relations
c) Staffing and training and development
d) Payroll function and occupational  health and safety in some organisations
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A purpose of the human resources will be to keep the trained employees that they already have. They do this by giving them special offers such as free vouchers and share schemes and pension to stop them from leaving. Another will be to provide a good working condition and try to make it fun so they want to work there day by day. This also helps to work on a day to day basis. There must be good working conduction so the staff are happy and want to work here day to day and so they don’t leave. If they leave it will cost the business money because they will have to train the staff.

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