What is the current status of financial development institutions in Pakistan?


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SidrA Tasneem answered
Nowadays banks and financial institutions are working to increase credit money in the country and to make more use of banking sector so that they can earn well. Their main emphasis is to expand credit money in the country.
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Naushahd khan answered
The bank only supply the money to people on high interest while in utilization they can not earn the said interest in that time in which they will be returned. So the middle party such as bank earn more money than the custumers and leave the people in high debt which they can not pay the said money for long rung while day by day the pressure come on them which affect the health of the loani and at last the bank auction their land which destroy their whole family activities. The banker only pay the money to people while not plain for them where they will be spent to earn more than the interest. The banker only increase the inflation in the courntry and not produce any real product. Through machine the money notes are prepared and then they supply to other bank and the other bank supply that  notes to customers as paper while they not produce the real out put which human being use for their beneficiary.

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