In The Current Scenario, What Is The State Of Pakistan's Rate Of Inflation?


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According to statistical findings, the first nine months of the ongoing fiscal year in Pakistan has beheld the rate of inflation elevating at about eight percent on an average basis, going way above the target of 6.5 percent that was formulated by the authorities. In the attempt of generating positive hopes, one of the senior officials of the ministry of finance has stated that inflation may tend to decline in the remaining three months of the current fiscal year.

However the State Bank of Pakistan, which holds the federal echelon in Pakistan has enunciated in its second quarterly report about the state of the overall inflation, which as the State Bank is claiming would be ranging between 6.7-7.5 percent, a range that is in complete contradiction to the claims of the senior officials of the ministry of finance in Pakistan. As a matter of fact, the SBP Governor Dr. Shamshad Akhtar has imparted that by the end of this fiscal year, the average inflation would be somewhere between 7 to 8 percent.

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