What Is The Meaning Of Galleon Trade?


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The Galleon Trade is most commonly known as the Manila Acapulco. The history of the galleon trade in Acapulco is described below.

  • History of Acapulco.
Before the 1500's, Acapulco was owned by the Aztecs, who had lived there for an extremely long time. However, in the early 1500's, Acapulco was taken away from the Aztecs by the Spaniards. From here, they made the Nahoa Indians slaves in their own country and drove them out of their homeland.

After the Spanish took over, Acapulco was transformed into a commerce gateway between Spanish America and Asia. The Spanish America also included the majority of the United States, from California to Florida. This trade route became one of the most important and highly valued, especially between the Philippines and New Spain. This famous trade route became known as the Manila Galleons.

However, Acapulco then become an extremely popular area for pirate activity. One of the most famous amongst these was Sir Francis Drake of England. The Fort of San Diego was built not long after in an attempt to keep away pirates and other marauders.

  • Modern Acapulco.
Because of its tropical location and warm weather, Acapulco has now become a hot spot for tourists, from even as early on as the 1960's. Tourists and jet setters have been enticed by the glittering white sandy beaches, glorious views and its famous nightlife, which has made it legendary.

The nightclubs in Acapulco actually stay open until the sun rises because the majority of people don't even start to arrive until after eleven pm. The Costera, Acapulco strip is well know for being extremely crowded around 5 o'clock in the morning.

Acapulco has also become famous for its cliff diving since the early 1940's. The highest dive is 136 feet and ends in what is often crashing incoming waves that can sometimes be perilous.

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