What Is The Importance Of Job Satisfaction And Employee Morale At The Workplace?


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There are several reasons why a person is working. It could be because they wanted to earn money, to gain experience or just to improve themselves, but once they found the job, there are certain reasons why they are not satisfied with their work and decided to leave, these attrition leads to unemployment and possibly failure of the business as well, but if a particular employee is satisfied with what he/she is doing, it creates positive attitude, it boost up their morale which results to staying with the company, doing their best to improve their performance, creating harmonious relationship with their colleagues and a lot lot more. So if you are planning to have a company of your own you should always take into consideration job satisfaction and employee's morale.
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No one can deny the importance of money those who get appropriate rewards of their jobs in terms of money honor and respect definitely they are satisfied
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Can I know how it is differ employee morale and job satisfaction. How to find review of literature about the topics?
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The importance of employee satisfaction at the workplace is as the heart to your body. If you are partially satisfied then you can work but there will be less or no productivity. The companies who are at the top in world ranking has good HR system where every employee is happy and satisfied with the environment and remuneration package. Hence greatest productivity and success.
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Studies show that happy workers are more efficient and bring in more money as a result.
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VERY! You will see better work from employees that are happy and work around those who are. Attendance is better and you have less turnover which can be very costly. The best way to achieve job satisfaction and morale? SURVEY YOUR EMPLOYEES!

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