What's The Interest Rate On 200,000 Us Dollars In A Fix Deposit For 1 Year?


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This is a very general question that demands a specific answer. Have a look at what type of interest is being offered by different banks as this may vary slightly from one to the next. To keep up to date with loan rates you are best checking online or calling into the branch of a bank as these can change quite often.

By calling into a branch or calling the bank by telephone, you may be offered another loan better suited to your circumstances and even with a lower interest rate.

The rate you are quoted for your loan will depend on many things such as:

• The type of bank you choose to take the loan out with. This is what makes one bank stand out from another so it is always worthwhile 'shopping around' before settling on the first bank that you come across.

• The amount of interest you may end up paying back may depend on your personal circumstances such as your job and how much you can afford to pay back each month.

• The interest rates on loans can fluctuate in line with inflation and the stock markets, so it may be subject to change.

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