Can I Have An Example Of A Mission Statement?


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A mission statement can range from the very simple one-sentence statement, to a paragraph or so, with or without bullet points. Its purpose is to convey (without flowery speech or jargon) the reason(s) the organization or individual exists--its purpose for being, who it does this for/who it serves, how it will go about doing so (what the business is), and sometimes, what values guide/will guide the organization or individual in accomplishing the first two items.

For example: Disney's mission is very simple: "To make people happy"

While not all mission statements are that short, the mission statement should be short enough so that it is easily remembered by employees, the individual, and the customer.

A bit longer one is the mission statement of a company for which I once worked.. It was a Swedish-based healthcare organization: "To be the leader in providing world-class dialysis services to our patients in a way the respects the dignity and value of our patients and our professional responsibilities to the industry and ourselves."

Interestingly, some people write personal mission statements to guide their lives, as well. The elements may be slightly different, but the principle is the same. I found this personal one, written by a friend and colleague of mine, to be one of the most meaningful personal statements I have yet to see. Despite its simplicity, it says volumes about individual's purpose/goals and values:

"In my actions and words, to actually BE the person my dog believes I am". While this may bring a grin at first glance, it does a great job of encompassing the intent - people understand its meaning - how we are unconditionally loved by our dear pets - how they treat us and react to us as though we can do no wrong/are the greatest, how important we are in their eyes, how loving and great they perceive their masters to be, etc.

Good luck to you!
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This is one type of mission statement.
The Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland will provide quality services and supports which will enable and empower people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities to create and access opportunities to lead valued lives as respected and equal member of society within their family and community.
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A mission statement for a finance dept in a manufacturing company
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A mission statement is want you want to write out ok so see you ok bye
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Medical office needs a mission statement
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The mission statement is according to your business and work. The mission statement defines what are your objectives and how you would accomplish them with your mission. For example, a charity organization would write its mission statement as "To provide protection, home, family, higher education and health facilities to the children without parental care." For more examples, click here

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