I Need A Mission Statement For Ar Marketing Department. Can You Help?


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Mission Statement is basically a very brief statement that outlines the purpose of a company or a department. The basic aim behind a mission statement is to keep all the stakeholders aware of the purpose of an organization's existence.

The mission statement of a department or a company largely depends on which sector it is working in. For a profit sector it would be different from a non- profit sector.

Here is a sample Mission statement that you can take help from:

" Our mission is to provide marketing support to our company in order to promote and communicate the value added by our company to the society, in front of the public."
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I have one confusion of my "mission statement' I handle marketing department . It is a small venture it produce sensor. I need one mission  and vision statement.
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Use anything that stands out enough, to sum up what you are trying to say, in one picture .

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