If A Business Is Sold, What Are The Employees' Rights?


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Yes, the new owner can make you re-apply for your jobs and make you go through an interview process. They can eliminate those they feel are not up to their standards and set the salaries to whatever their expectation is. You need to figure out what the new owners are looking for or what they are looking to do. Welcome to the modern business world we all have created. (I am in a similar situation as I was laid off a few months back and hard to start over after 15 years and benefits)
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Karen Huebner
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A year+ later I come across my own question. I now work for a company that does business brokering and now know that a good boss could (and do) write the staff into the contract. Those bosses like above could give a fairy fart what happens to the staff. Employees have no rights other than apply with new company. If they don’t keep you, or require you move to keep your job, you can file for unemployment.

Luckily the good bosses seem to be the norm, at least from the contracts I've been doing

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