Can I Still Get Food Stamps If I Refuse Child Support?


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No you wont..because food stamps are temporary ... I was denied food stamps once because I refuse child support.. The kids dad is illegal.. But all I did was wait 6 months and told them go ahead I will try to give you all information on the kids dad  I will take anything... I also told them the Truth havent heard anything from there dad for several months like 7 or 8... Four months later I received child support then my food stamps decreased... Now I havent receive in a full year of child support since july 1 2008...I don't care now because I am married to someone else and he is there new dad and a great my kids...I couldnt ask for might want to be careful what you say to the des office because they do random checks. And will call you for check ups..I had a few friends and my self who des just showed up at my house to see if you don't have anyone living with you  who is not on your lease and some got caught selling there food stamps..I never sold mine..and got cut off....
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One more thing if you do get child support report it..because they have it in there computers if you dont report it they could tell you what day you recieved it and if longer then 10 days you had it they could suspend you 3 months or longer.

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