My Ankle Hurts In The Front Where The Leg And Foot Meet But Only When I Bend It Forward Or Walk/ Run Really Fast I Have No Insurance And I Cannot Afford To Go To The Doctor Can You Please Tell Me What Is Wrong And How Ican Fix This?


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With this sort of pain it is likely that you have sprained your ankle. These types of injuries have a great many number of possibilities due to the range of movement and the amount of stress place on the joint. Depending on where, or indeed if any, swelling can dictate what is the best way to treat this injury.

You could have damaged your ankle ligaments which could be a contributing factor to the pain. That means you may have torn your muscle tissue where the ankle joint is as you cannot walk on it properly. If you experience any kind of pain like this it is advisable to rest your leg and elevate it where possible and above all do not do any exercise or sudden movements.

If you have torn ankle ligaments this means that inside the Achilles or the ankle area the soft tissues have been damaged and therefore you may need keyhole surgery in order to remove the damaged tissues and your ankle may have to be in a cast.

If you do not have any medical insurance, it is essential to rest the ankle in an elevated position taking measures to reduce the swelling such as ice packs or heat packs. Steady and slow movements can be attempted as the swelling goes down to build the strength back up steadily.

If the pain, swelling or restriction does not begin to lessen after a sustained period of time, a week or two, then you should seek some medical attention, either from a free clinic or an emergency facility.
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My ankle hurts in the front where the leg and foot meet it feels like a bone has came out of place can this be
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I am experiencing the same thing which is why I went in search of an answer. However, I do think that it's just a muscle injury of some sort because your seems to (like mine) be felt with movement. See, mine feels like muscle - does yours feel like the actual joint is hurt?

My non-expert suggestion is to stay off your foot as much as possible, try not to run or do anything to aggravate it more and see if there is anything that's changed in your routine. Do you have new shoes? Do you drive a different car (gas pedal - right foot)? Or anything else that could have caused this. You also might have stepped wrong but don't remember (might have been in a hurry or something).

How long have you had this? How bad is the pain?

Good luck!
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I have similar problem where I went over on my ankle and I heard a very clear click I haven't been to the doctor yet but I imagine it's something wrong with the bone. Did you hear a click because it might be the same thing?!?
If not get well soon!!!
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I also have the same thing after wearing my uggs then rainboots yesterday (not a good combination). When this happens I normally just wear supportive shoes and it works itself out.

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