Explain What Denouncing Rights To A Child Is And How It Effects Child Support?


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I believe you mean "renouncing"(not denouncing), or relinquishing parental rights.  When one relinquishes parental rights, the legal tie of the parent/.child relationship is severed, and most often ths is done in preparation to allow adoption to occur.  The relinquishment may be voluntary or involuntary.  In cases of neglect or abuse actions, sometimes the relinquishment is involuntary and it is not in preparation for adoption.  Whether or not adoption is viable or planned in these cases, there are court hearings to establish an order of relinquishment is in the best interest of the child. Relinquishment usually occurs as adoption plans are being made.  Laws do vary sfrom state to state.

Sometimes, however, one parent considers reqlinquishing his/her parental rights when no neglect or abuse actions are being taken, and even when there is no step-parent to adopt the child.  In these cases, the courts are very careful, so parents are not encouraged to quit parenting a child simply to escape financial obligation.    In New Mexico, for example, if a proposed relinquishment of parental rights is not in contemplation of adoption, the court may not allow the relinquishment unless it finds that:

Good cause exists;
The courts have determined there has been reasonable efforts to preserve the family; and
Relinquishment is in the child's best interest.  

It is true in most states that voluntary relinquishment of parental rights under these circumstances (where no adoption occurs) does not terminate the relinquishing parent's obligation to pay child support.  

For further information, you may go to this website to see an example of such case law (NM), and refer to subsection 22.2  Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights
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Denouncing Rights vary from state to state. You can criticize any matter relating to your child as you have every right. You can talk on the matters of child support money and his education expense.

I suggest you consult the lawyer for your rights according to your state.

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