How To Write A Letter Changing Bank Details?


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A sample letter found on Google, that tells your bank that you have changed your address can be found below:

The Manager,
Bank Name,
Sub. : Savings A/c. No. ………………
Dear Sir,
I have shifted my residence. Please arrange to update your records with the current address.
Name : ………………………………………
Residence Address : ………………………………………………………………
Telephone No. : ………………………………
It is requested that all correspondence be now sent to my new address mentioned above.
Thank you in advance.
Yours faithfully,”

Not that the letter uses formal language. It is convention that when you are getting in touch with organisations or individuals that you have never met that you speak in such a formal language. This is polite, and gets the point across quickly. After all, a change of address is not such a huge issue that is involved a huge amount of correspondence. In fact, in many cases people will use a sample letter like this and never receive any correspondence back from their bank.

The chances are, however, that you will receive correspondence back from your bank. Your bank will no doubt want to inform you that they have received your letter and your new information has been processed so that any information relating to your bank account will now be sent to your new address, and not your old one.

Many people won’t even need to send the letter, however. In an attempt to save paper and stay green many companies and banks now send their correspondence over the Internet, meaning that the only information that they would need to know about would be a change in email address, or whatever form of contact that you use.
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How to write an application to bank manager for change of address as in the address which I provided to the bank I am not able to receive my account statement on that.
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The Bank Manager

Sub: Change in Nominee name (Account: ______)

Please have the name of the nominee, in all my related documents with your bank for the subject account, changed from ______ (Relation: ____) (Address:______), to ______(Relation: ____), (Address:______) with immediate effect.
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I am anitha my  SB account number 22459 I  need change the address in my pass book
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write two separate letters one for address and one for nominee, one letter is typed below.

The Bank Manager Date:

Subject: Change in Nominee

Dear Sir,

I would like to change the name of the Nominee on my account -

The current nominee on my account is and the address of this nominee is

The new nominee would be >, relation is and the address is

Thank you

7 months ago
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I want to change my account from minor to major and I kindly request to do the needful
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You simply write Dear Whoever, and continue: I am writing to inform you of my new banking details. Then you list the details including bank address, and finally say from what date you would like the person to start using this new account. End the letter like any other formal letter with 'Kind regards' or whatever ending you normally use.

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