What Is The Conflict Between Departments?


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Basic reasons of distrust and conflict that may arise between departments.
These are responsibilities, performance, custody transfer and budget.
These conflicts can arise due to some loss or damage for the organization and no department is agreed to take the responsibility and try to put blame on other department.
Reason of conflict be due to evaluations made by management and if one department is evaluated as efficiently working while other department performance is evaluated very poor. So jealousy cause conflict between the departments.

If departments are connected in the chain like in industry , one department is to transfer the pre converted material to second department for the final conversion and the quality control department find some fault and even though it is found that the fault or problem being created in the first department still the second department is responsible for the custody transfer of the faulty material.

One of the reason between the conflict is the budget allocation .If the management allocate high budget for one department and very small amount for the other department in spite of the fact that both departments need high amount .

It the responsibility of the management to minimize the conflict and areas of possible conflict, provide plans for reducing the conflict, and create an environment of trust , sincerity , creativity, and fairness.

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