Can Anyone Please Explain Me The Centralized And Decentralized Information Systems?


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Though, all computer information systems are intended for the reason of storing and accessing information, there are numerous different potential implementations. There are two main types of information systems and these are the centralized information systems and the decentralized information systems.

Centralized information system:
Usually based on a centrally situated mainframe where all processing and storage operations have effect at a central location. This kind of system is typically intended to computerize a diversity of operations within the organization. For instance, by using a big, central computer, an industry can computerize its order entry, inventory control, billing, and accounting operations. By means of a centralized system, computer communications will undeniably be used to send out data by electronic means between locations. And even though storage and processing occur at the central location on the mainframe, the input and output of data can be performed using terminals and printers at broadly dispersed locations.

Decentralized information system.
These systems are built up by separate computers. Occasionally there is a central computer for applications that are mutual between groups, but the fundamental design gives control of computers to individual departments. The benefit of a decentralized system is that users have more immediate access to information and do not have to wait for processing time as they might have to with a centralized system.

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