How Do I Write A Good Company Profile?


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Writing a decent company profile is not very hard to do. By just following a few simple rules and making sure that you are well prepared, you will find that it is very easy to write a company profile by yourself.

Now the audience of your company profile is not going to be someone who wants to purchase your company, so you are not going to have to include vast amounts of detail and in-depth information regarding the goings on in your company. A basic company profile will give a brief outline of your company’s products or the services that it provides, its mission statement, information about the employees and unique aspects that are tailored specifically to your company.

All companies are different, and although some of them may provide the same products to the general public, their mission and background stories will be completely different. So it might be a good idea to research the background of the product that your company sells so that you can write a little description in your company profile. For example, if your company sells coffee beans you can describe where they come from, who picks them and how they are tested. Of course this would be different for a company that sells movies, which should use short snappy catch phrases and words to grab attention.

There are steps that you can follow in order to write a good company profile. First of all, gather the contact information of your company including its name, main location or headquarters, mailing address, main telephone number, web address and email address, if applicable. This should be the easiest and quickest step to complete. Grab a pen and paper and define what exactly it is that your company does and how it does it, how many facilities your company operates and its products and services. Then include the background or history of the company. Then include a basic profile of the key figures of your company. And finally write down any future ideas or goals that your company wishes to achieve.
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Company profile is basically a resume for your company.  Your company profile narrates your company's effectiveness for satisfying customer needs.  Yes , you should mention your parent company , in the first para. No need to mention the details. Divide your profile in three paragraphs. First para should be devoted to your company's name, credential, and background. Mention the year of birth. Second para should focus on your clients (high level) and mention details of your company's business size, products or services and philosophy .

Lastly, list your achievements and goals, which you have accomplished since beginning.


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